My students come from a community, called Kempepura Agrahara, that comprises of hard-working families who are heavily invested in the education of their children. My students are the children of daily laborers and incense stick makers who work long hours for minimum wages. The income earned by the parents is not enough to make the ends meet in most cases. So, my students carry the hopes and responsibilities of their families in addition to their own. However, my students do not let their backgrounds define or restrict them - they aspire to become doctors, teachers, and soldiers. WE BELIEVE.

The classrooms in my school are pressed for space with broken furniture that often injure students when they move around. The natural light is minimal and insufficient for the students to carry out work in class and this often causes them to lose focus and interest. The switchboards in our classroom are completely broken and we have to play with danger every day. The walls in the classroom are damp causing the classroom to flood after even light rains. My classroom restricts learning for my students and I want to change that.

- Nikhil Lingutla