Swivel to turn
Bag storage
Flip-able writing surfaces
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In this class, we can turn and talk to our friends easily, to collaborate. If we want to show something, we can take this board and show our teacher.


Class 8, GHPS Kadappaswamy

We can turn easily and see all 3 boards. First, we had to turn and get up and go that side, and I used to get neck pain turning like that. Now we can swivel easily like this and we can see the board.


Class 8, GHPS Kadappaswamy

When sir asks questions we can write it on this board and show it so he can see. At first, we didn't have this so not everyone got the chance to speak but now if we write it on this we can show sir our ideas.


Class 8, GHPS Kadappaswamy

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